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Motor Checker/Break In Device

Have you ever wanted to break-in or test a motor for any reason, but have been limited by radio restrictions in the pits or dead batteries in your radio? This simple and affordable (a.k.a. CHEAP!) motor break-in and tester can be made by you! Items needed include:

  • Retired battery charger
  • Mechanical speed control
  • Off/on toggle switch (if the charger has a discharge function, use the charge/discharge switch that it came with)
  • Battery connector
  • Motor connector

  • Instructions:
    Safety is the first priority! Soldering irons, any battery, any motor, mechanical speed controllers, and anything involving electricity are DANGEROUS! Please use extreme caution when working with any of the above. If in doubt, ask for help.

    Remove all of the internals from the old charger except for the ammeter, voltage jacks and the discharge switch. Use the switch as an on/off safety device, the ammeter to tell the condition of motor (amperage draw), and the volt meter jacks to monitor voltage.

    From the back of the charger top plate, wire the speed control with the ammeter in series with the negative lead of the motor connector. In other words, solder the negative (-) motor wire from speed control to one pole of the ammeter. From the other pole of the ammeter, solder a wire to the black voltage jack, if the voltage jacks are to be utilized. From speed control motor positive side, solder this wire to voltage jack. Solder positive (+) and negative (-) motor lead wire to corresponding voltage jacks for motor connector hook up. I usually make this 18" to 24" in length.

    Using a charged pack, preferably a 4 cell for break-in, you may now manually control motor speed during break-in or motor testing!!! Good Luck!

    NOTE!: If you want a fancy version of this substitute an inexpensive Electronic Speed Control (ESC) for the mechanical version and wire a potentiometer across the two wires for that speed control that control acceleration. Usually the Red & Black, but each company is different. Then mount the Pot. on the case front and control from there.

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