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Shentona RC Classes

All Classes run 6 cell batteries and Foam Tires,
Stock Motors. No rubber tires allowed.*
NO reversing speed controls.
*see Touring Car info for its requirements.

Pan Car Pro
1/10 scale graphite or Fiberglass chassis.
Open gear Ratio.

Pan Car Hobby
Same as pro class except must run 6 to 1 gear ratio.

Two Wheel Drives
1/10 scale Two Wheel Drive Transmission Vehicles.
*note* Hugger "T" style chassis will run in this class.

Stadium Trucks
1/10 scale truck chassis, Tub chassis only.Truck Size/Style Foam Tires.
NASTRUCK bodies.

1/10 scale coupes/and sedans. Legend rules. Stock only.

4-Wheel Drive Sedans
Modified Motor. 6 Cell. May Run Foam or Stock rubber Tires and Wheels.

Other Classes
Other Classes may be run if interest is  Shown. Minimum of 3 cars to run a class.
Rules for other Classes will be decided upon on race Day.
Like: 1/12 Pan Car, 1/10 sprint Car, Spec Class,Buds Cars.

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