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Shentona track Information

We have made the track into a TRI-OVAL track. we addded a 95' x 12' section
of carpet to the existing track and made it even larger and faster than ever before.
After adding the tri-oval section increasing track length and adding a corner, Lap times have been reduced
and Lap counts increased. Shentona is now one of the fastest carpet tracks around.

Location : Shenandoah, Iowa
Where:NEW National Guard Armory on Ferguson Road
Style:Flat Carpet Tri-Oval Size:96' x 39' overall, Lanes:12-13' Wide
Surface:Grey anti-static low profile carpet.One strip Green.
Barriers:Painted Red and White 2x4 completely enclosed infield and outer wall.
Counting System:Computer Counting System (non A&B)
Pit Area:Ample room around Track provided for Pits, Tables and Chairs available.
Power:Numerous 110v electrical outlets provided around entire track.Bring Cords.
Facilities:Rest Rooms (M/F) are available.Plenty of Parking
Food:Soda Machine all the time.Occasional food service. Fast food is nearby.

Shentona RC Speedway Tri-Oval

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