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Shentona Track Rules

Section 1
General Rules
1-1 It is the Intention of Shentona Rc Speedway to promote family oriented racing. With this in Mind , unruly or unsportsman like conduct (under the influence of Alcohol or other drug, abusive language,, intentional hammering) will not be tolerated.
people judged by a Track official to be in violation will be requested to leave the Area.

1-2 These rules are designed to imitate full scale racing. Therefore anything not specifically allowed in these rules and not legal in full scale racing will not be legal for Track events.

Protest Procedures
Protests must be Lodged by the end of the following race. Protest must be in writing and it must be accompanied by $30.00 in CASH ONLY! If there is more than one item protested against a car an additional $$30.00 must be posted for each additional item. The race director or Track official will determine the validity of the protest. Driver, owner or sponsor of the car must dismantle his or her own car under the supervision of the race official. If the car is found to be "legal" the person being protested will receive the $30.00. On the other hand, if the car is found to be "Illegal, the person filing the protest will have the protest fee(s) returned and the guilty party will be Disqualified from the remaining event. In addition the Track Officials have the authority to inspect any vehicle if they have a question of legality.
A driver who is found to be in violation of class rules on more than one occasion may be suspended and /or expelled from future Shentona Events.

A driver can qualify themselves with any car as long as it meets that class's requirements. Each car to be used for qualifying must be "teched" by a race official .If for any reason , a driver fails to make a lap in a qualifying heat, and if they choose to run their main, they must use their own vehicle. The driver must be entered in the event before the first qualifier begins, to be allowed to run any main. For the Main events a driver must race the car he or she has teched and qualified with. Under No Circumstances can one driver qualify for another.

Series points
The 'A' main winner in each Shentona  class will earn 100 points; a person finishing second will earn one point less (99) and those thereafter, one point less according to the order of finish in all mains. An additional 2 points will be earned for Top Qualifying, position in each class.
There will be one throw out race day in the points series. The lowest earned points of the series will be removed, or can be used for a day of racing that was missed.

S-1: A "Black Flag" (Actual or Verbal) (which means a driver must immediately remove his/her car form the race) will be given to a driver whose driving or car operation constitutes a hazard to the other cars in a race. If a driver ignores the "Black Flag", he/she is subject to disqualification from the remainder of the event.

S-2: A car that stops running before crossing the finish line cannot be pushed across the finish line. Unsportsmanlike driving (i.e. intentional hitting other cars, short coursing, and corner cutting) is not allowed. Anyone doing so will be disqualified at the judgment of the race director. Abusive language by a driver to a turn marshal or any other official will not be tolerated. Immediate disqualification will result.

S-3 Any driver who deliberately takes out another driver and/or threatens to take out another driver will be placed on probation for the rest of the season. If during the probationary period, has any contact with the driver that was threatened and the contact is viewed to be deliberate, the driver will be suspended for the rest of the points series.

SC-1: If a car breaks or dumps or for whatever reason fails to complete a race, the cars completed time and laps as scored by the computer/scorekeeper will be used to determine qualifying position and /or finishing position in a main.

SC-2: Scoring is done on computer but manually entered by track officials. If there is a protest of race results, immediately following the race, approach the computer/scorekeeper and voice your complaint. The track officials will then try to resolve the situation. The decision of the Race Director in all instances is final.

SC-3: This will be done in a respectful manner. Anyone being rude or unsportsman like as defined in the sportsmanship rules of this track will have any complaint dislodged, and may be subject to further action as allowed in the track rules.

Driving Rules
No car will be driven at any time in reverse of the track traffic. if this occurs, a one lap penalty will be deducted off the drivers best qualifying time. The use of reverse is not legal on any car. A driver must be careful not to hit the throttle when a turn marshall is handling the car.

Turn Marshals.
TM-1: Drivers must turn marshal for the race immediately following their own race. Failure to do so will result in the loss of one lap off their best qualifying time. (another racer may substitute if necessary, but the original driver is responsible for the actions of the substitute.)

TM-2: Racers with physical or medical impairments. should not turn marshal, but are required to have a substitute. Turn marshal's must treat all cars equally. Turn marshals are not allowed to assist in any manner with the repair or restart of any vehicle.

Alcoholic Beverages
Any race that is found with alcohol or any drug during the event will be disqualified from the event and may be Fined an appropriate amount by track officials prior to being allowed to race at Shentona again. This also applies to spectators. (with the exception of specialty events, i.e. fairs, cars shows, and parking lot races.)

Radio Equipment
RE-1: It is the responsibility of the driver to conform to FCC regulations when operating his/her equipment. if a conflict should occur concerning frequencies, the race using legal FCC frequencies will prevail.

RE-2: Should any problems arise concerning transmitters being used in the pit area, ALL transmitters will be impounded, and released before the start of each heat, or at the discretion of the race director. Any racer operating a transmitter in the pit area during a heat or main will be cause for disqualification.

RE-3: All radios should have changeable frequencies. in the case of frequency conflict in the main events, the racer with the faster qualifying time will have priority over the slower racer.

RE-4: Transmitters will be of factory specifications only. NO external battery pack or antennas that were not part of the original equipment out of the box package. Racers will this sort of equipment will not be allowed to race.

Class Requirements
CR-1: A minimum of 3 cars is required to race in any class. the race director can make exceptions.

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